life-with-arthritis-in-canada-french-proofreading-by-editor-dominique-fortier_vivre-avec-larthrite-au-canada-correction-depreuves-en-francais. Correction d'épreuves par la réviseure Dominique Fortier. French proofreading by professional French Editor Dominique Fortier. Publication entitled 'Life with Arthritis in Canada: A personal and public health challenge". Publication intitulée « Vivre avec l'arthrite au Canada : un défi de santé personnel et de santé publique ». For the Public Health Agency of Canada. Travail réalisé pour l'Agence de la santé publique du Canada

Services Provided

Dominique Fortier offers a full range of quality editing services within the publishing field. Her services include:

  • Correction of errors in typography, syntax, grammar and style, aimed at improving content.
  • Comparison of French and English versions to ensure that they match.
  • Verification that no part of the text has been omitted following the transfer from English to French, or between different versions of a document.
  • Writing of additional passages, as needed, to ensure conformity between the two languages, as well as additional material such as captions for photographs, illustrations or graphics, and supplemental matter such as book summaries, biographies, etc.
  • Rewriting, as needed, of weak or difficult passages.
  • Translation of texts (sections forgotten or added in English, captions, etc.).
  • Text adjustments to ensure that the French and English versions match and have similar meaning—for example, when an English-language author changes his/her final text, making it necessary to alter the French text before or after layout and design.
  • Adaptation of text for public dissemination (e.g., francophones in Quebec, Canada, or elsewhere), or to accommodate specific markets (adults, youth, children, various groups).
  • Terminology research to reflect the ideas expressed in English—for example finding equivalent French-language titles for descriptions of Public Service positions, or specific names for objects in descriptions or illustrations.
  • Fact, date and figure checking to ensure that the information related to events or calculations—for example—is accurate, and pass along the right information to the original text’s author.
  • Correction of proofs in PDF, on paper, in red and blue (or as required by the client).
  • Correction of blues before going to press.
  • Correction in HTML5 source code.
Telephone: 418‑681‑3193
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