life-with-arthritis-in-canada-french-proofreading-by-editor-dominique-fortier_vivre-avec-larthrite-au-canada-correction-depreuves-en-francais. Correction d'épreuves par la réviseure Dominique Fortier. French proofreading by professional French Editor Dominique Fortier. Publication entitled 'Life with Arthritis in Canada: A personal and public health challenge". Publication intitulée « Vivre avec l'arthrite au Canada : un défi de santé personnel et de santé publique ». For the Public Health Agency of Canada. Travail réalisé pour l'Agence de la santé publique du Canada

What is a French Editor

Following are the definitions of the words Editor, Copy Editor, Proofreader, Reader and Corrector. The French Editor (réviseure or réviseur in French) does the same job as the English one, with texts translated from English into French, insuring that the final texts in English and French match each other.

Definitions from TERMIUM Plus®
editor, copy editor
A person whose work is editing and correcting the grammar, punctuation, etc. of articles or manuscripts, as in a newspaper office or publishing house.

proofreader, reader, corrector
A person who reads (copy or printer’s proofs) to detect and mark errors to be corrected.

réviseur, réviseure


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